Which cruises offer the best craft beer tasting tours in UK coastal towns?

If you have a passion for both travel and craft beer, a cruise vacation might be your ideal getaway. Many cruise lines are now offering craft beer tasting experiences, allowing passengers to sample a variety of unique brews from around the world. However, if you're particularly interested in UK coastal towns and the craft beer scene there, certain cruises offer specialized itineraries that focus on this region. This article will identify top cruises that excel in providing the best craft beer tasting tours in UK coastal towns.

MSC Cruises – A Taste of Europe's Best Brews

MSC Cruises, a renowned European cruise line, provides a unique craft beer tasting experience on board its ships. Their 'Beer Sommeliers' guide you through the intricate world of European craft beers, focusing particularly on the rich brewing traditions of the United Kingdom.

Passengers aboard the MSC Grandiosa, a ship boasting over 181,000 sqm of public space, can relish an array of craft beers at the British pub. The pub is not just a venue for tasting, but also offers informative sessions about brewing methods, beer history, and various types of ale and lager.

The MSC Aurea Spa, located on the same ship, is a wonderful place to unwind after a day of tastings. With a range of therapeutic treatments and a beautiful panoramic view of the sea, it ensures that your beer tasting experience is balanced with ultimate relaxation.

Celebrity Cruises – A Culinary and Beer Tasting Extravaganza

For the culinary enthusiasts who also possess a love for craft beers, Celebrity Cruises is a perfect choice. Their ‘Chefs at Sea’ program allows passengers to enjoy cooking demonstrations, intimate chef-hosted dinners, and culinary-themed excursions. Particularly in the UK, these excursions often include visits to local breweries situated in beautiful coastal towns.

The Celebrity Silhouette ship is a popular choice for beer aficionados. Its Michael’s Club, an exclusive lounge, houses an extensive range of international craft beers. Beer tasting events hosted here are accompanied by expert talks about the origin, brewing techniques and unique flavors of the beers on offer.

Norwegian Cruise Line – A Craft Beer Lover's Paradise

Norwegian Cruise Line offers an amazing beer tasting experience on its Norwegian Bliss ship. The District Brew House, with its wall of taps offering over 50 different bottled beers and 24 draft beers, is a paradise for every craft beer lover.

The cruise line also offers beer-themed excursions in UK coastal towns. Guests can visit local breweries, enjoy tastings, and learn about the intricate brewing process. These tours also provide an opportunity to interact with local brewers and hear their inspiring stories.

P&O Cruises – A Legendary Beer Experience

P&O cruises, a British-American owned cruise line, delivers a legendary beer experience on its Britannia ship. The Crows Nest bar offers a selection of over 70 world beers, featuring several from the UK.

Notably, P&O has collaborated with the iconic UK based Cask Marque to offer beer tasting classes on board. These classes offer passengers an opportunity to enjoy, understand and appreciate a range of craft beers under the guidance of expert sommeliers.

Cunard Line – A Classic British Beer Journey

Cunard Line, an Anglo-American cruise line, offers a classic British beer journey on its Queen Victoria ship. The Golden Lion pub on board is a traditional British pub that provides a variety of UK craft beers.

Cunard’s beer tasting tours in UK coastal towns are renowned. Passengers visit local breweries, enjoy generous tastings and relish traditional British food. The tours are well-structured and provide an insight into the local beer culture and brewing traditions of the UK.

In conclusion, many cruise lines offer amazing craft beer tasting experiences and excursions in the UK. The combination of exploring beautiful coastal towns, visiting local breweries, and tasting a variety of craft beers makes these cruises a unique and enjoyable experience. Whether you're a craft beer novice or a seasoned enthusiast, there's a cruise that caters to your palate, providing unforgettable travel and beer tasting experiences.

Oceania Cruises – A Luxurious Craft Beer Journey

Oceania Cruises, known for its luxurious experiences, does not disappoint when it comes to craft beer tastings. Their unique tours explore the thriving craft beer scenes of various UK coastal towns, presenting passengers with an unrivalled beer tasting journey.

On board the Oceania Marina, guests can immerse themselves in the delightful world of craft beers at the ship’s Horizons bar. This venue offers a broad selection of craft beers from around the world, including several from the UK. Here, passengers can also participate in informative sessions about the brewing process, learn about different beer styles, and understand the taste profiles for each.

Not only does Oceania provide an exceptional beer tasting experience on board, but they also offer fascinating shore excursions. These tours visit local breweries in various UK coastal towns, allowing guests to taste freshly brewed craft beers and learn about the UK's rich brewing heritage from local experts.

Moreover, the Oceania Marina boasts a vast range of luxurious facilities, such as the renowned MSC Aurea Spa. Offering a variety of therapeutic treatments and a stunning panoramic sea view, the spa ensures that every passenger's beer tasting adventure is complemented with ultimate relaxation.

Grand Suite Cruises – An Elite Craft Beer Experience

For those seeking an elite craft beer experience, Grand Suite Cruises offer a remarkable journey. Their cruises focus on the premium craft beer scene in UK coastal towns, providing an exclusive and in-depth exploration of this niche.

The Grand Suite ship features the prestigious Yacht Club, a private area reserved for suite passengers. Here, craft beer lovers can relish tastings of rare and unique brews, expertly curated from various UK breweries. The Yacht Club offers an intimate setting for these tastings, with expert beer sommeliers guiding passengers through each beer’s unique flavors and brewing process.

Additionally, Grand Suite Cruises offer an exceptional shore excursion program. These tours visit smaller, boutique breweries in UK coastal towns, providing passengers with a truly unique craft beer experience. Also, to enhance their luxury experience, passengers can indulge in the MSC Aurea Spa after the tastings, promoting a perfect balance of relaxation and indulgence.

In Conclusion – Memorable Craft Beer Tasting Cruises

The UK’s coastal towns are home to a thriving craft beer scene, and there are several cruises that provide an immersive experience of this. Each of these cruises, from MSC Cruises to Oceania and Grand Suite Cruises, offer unique beer tasting experiences, both on board and through their shore excursions.

The combination of sampling a range of craft beers, exploring picturesque coastal towns, and learning about the UK's rich brewing heritage makes for an unforgettable journey. Whether you're new to the craft beer scene or a seasoned connoisseur, these cruises offer a fascinating insight into the world of craft beer in the UK. The added luxury of facilities like the MSC Aurea Spa further enhances the cruising experience. So, why not take your love for craft beer to the next level with one of these fantastic cruise options?